Eyelashes Extensions will help grow your Lashes!

Eyelash extensions had a pretty bad reputation in the past and it was mainly due to mediocrely trained artists.  You didn’t have to look hard to read about negative experiences and why the average women should avoid this new beauty enhancing service.

Thankfully, consistent developments of new artistry and quality products have spearheaded the recent renewed popularity of eyelash extensions that we are experiencing today.   In fact, it is now one of most popular beauty treatments available.

No longer a "celebrity luxury," the discussion now focuses on all the benefits that eyelash extensions has brought to the every day woman.

So how exactly can lash extensions help to grow your lashes?  It's quite simple actually:

The less you do the more your lashes will flourish!

If you think about all the eye rubbing you do to remove your mascara, or the 2 or 3 coats of mascara that you apply everyday- that constant manual manipulation is very irritating and can very well pull out your lashes before they are ready to shed.

Lets not forget about the lash curler!  I’ve seen so many damaged lashes due to improper use of lash curlers because clients were essentially ripping out their lashes.

With the proper weight, and style, eyelash extensions simply enhance your look.  In fact, when done properly, you can get eyelash extensions for years without taking a break while your natural lashes thrive underneath.  That is why it’s so important to receive custom designed lash sets from an experienced lash artist. 

So have no fear, and ask a lot of questions and enjoy the amazing results!