Eyelash Extensions So Natural, Everyone Will Wonder


Eyelash Extensions do not have to be over the top and dramatic.  In fact, they were not designed to be. 

The desire of clients to have fuller, longer lashes than what they were blessed with has forced artists to go beyond what a client’s natural lash could handle in terms of weight.  If a clients natural lash is 6mm long and very thin, then it would not be wise to place a thick 14mm long extension.  It may look nice, and it may last longer than anticipated, but over time permanent damage to the natural lash may result from the weight of the extension.   

I know first hand that saying “No” can be difficult, as we all want to please.  We were all beginners at one point, simply wanting to give our client what they wanted.  But thank God for continuing education, revisions to professional standards, and a commitment to industry advancements.

The purpose of eyelash extensions is to replace the use of mascara

Eyelash Extensions were not meant to replace strip lashes or give that effect, especially with a classic 1:1 application.  When a lash artist stays within these natural standards, little to no damage is inflicted to the natural lash.  The client can enjoy the benefits of this service for years with no adverse effects.  If you have strong long lashes, you can achieve a longer fuller effect.  Like wise, if you have thin sparse lashes, your results will definitely be noticeable, but less impactful do to the restrictions of your natural lash.

But don’t fret if you have sparse lashes!   Russian Volume Lashes can get you that fuller yet natural look that classic can’t achieve.  I recommend a 2D-3D effect (2 or 3 super thin lashes applied to 1 of your natural lashes) that will give you a nice fluffy appearance to fill in the gaps in your lash line. 

I will always recommend what is healthy and safest for your natural lash.

Trust me, the possibilities are absolutely endless.