Is Your Eye Shape Really that Important in Choosing a Eyelash Extensions Design? YES!

Over the years, I have come to realize that most people are not aware of how tedious and calculating a lash application can be.  About a year ago, I remember starting a new client (lets call her Amy) and 20min in, Amy asked me if we were almost done.  I'm sure Amy cried inside when I replied, "no, we have about an hour more to go."  Amy was totally misinformed about the service and clearly didn't know what she was signing up for.  We had quickly discussed her desired look (very full, very long) and started immediately, as she was running a lil late.    After a few more of those exhausting interactions, I really understood the importance of not just discussing the desired look, but also educating clients on all the factors that have to be considered to get the look desired. 

Today we are going to focus on Eye Shapes.  

The 'Cat-Eye' style is the most requested style.  It's sexy and different and really adds a cool look to your face..... BUT if you have a hooded or even downturned eye shape (see diagram above) the 'Cat Eye' style, which concentrates the longer lashes on the outer corners, could make your eyes appear droopy, ultimately giving the appearance of closing eyes.

I would recommend a 'Natural' style, which follows the natural shape or your lashes to better accentuate a hooded eye. 

Similarly, let's say you have gorgeous, round, big eyes.   Applying eyelash extensions in a 'Doll' or 'Bambi' style (think of long, eye-opening, dramatic lashes that make the cartoon noise when you blink) may leave you looking startled and surprised.   Your eyes are naturally open and alert, so applying the 'Doll' style may be too much. 

Instead a 'Natural' style or even a 'Cat Eye' would add a nice, sultry, sexy look to expertly balance out yet enhance your round eyes. 

So you see, there are many considerations and with so many length, curl, and style options, your lash artist should choose and make recommendations based on YOUR look only.  

This is why I offer an Advanced Eye Design Analysis and the shape of your eye is just one of the important factors that I cover.  This service is complimentary for a limited time only.  No obligations, just a 1 on 1 discussion of what would best suit your look. 

It is very important to me that women interested in lashes understand what the service entails so the Advanced Eye Design Analysis is my free gift to you!



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