Beauty Tips

Autumn Lash Shed is Here!


Yep it's that time of the year again.

Autumn lash shed is settling in and I'm here to tell you what that means exactly.

During the summer months, we produce more hair to protect our skin from the sun.  You may have noticed that your hair is fuller and grows in quicker in warmer temperatures.  If you color your hair, you will see that your roots appear to grow out fast as well.

This is all due to your bodies natural reaction to these seasonal changes.   Once the weather starts to change, the blood flow is redirected.  As the body responds and adjusts to the change in temperature, the superfluous hair that grew out in the warm months is no longer needed.  As a result, the dreaded 'Autumn Shed' commences. 

So what does this mean for my lovely lash wearers?

Understand that this is a completely natural occurrence.  Your lashes are not damaged or falling out due to trauma.  They are settling into a knew cycle for the season. 

But, due to the temporary excess shedding, you may need to book your fill appointments sooner.  So instead of every 3 weeks, schedule in 2 weeks.  Another option is to book a longer fill appointment to allow more time to fill a set that is thinner than usual.  

In addition, maintaining your natural lash health is my top priority, so I may use shorter or thinner eyelash extensions in an effort to not overload the new baby lashes growing in . 

The good news - Autumn Lash Shed is only temporary and lasts for about 6 weeks. 

In the meantime, continue to do good after care, drink water, take your vitamins and we will ride it out together.




Summer Tips to Keep your Eyelash Extensions in Great Shape!


Yay!  Summer is finally here!

And I want you to enjoy all your favorite activities without sacrificing your eyelash extensions.  You may notice that in warmer months you will feel the need to schedule refills more often.  There are many factors that will contribute to needing more fills such as changes to your lash cycle, being more active, and temperature increases, to name a few.  These factors you can'tcontrol, but below you will find a few extra tips to help combat all natural elements and preserve your eyelash extensions.



Yes!  Use sunscreen, just not on or near your eyelashes extensions.  Sunscreen will act similarly to oil and cause your eyelash extensions to fall out sooner.



Try to wear goggles when possible in seawater or a chlorinated pool.  After swimming, always rinse your eyes and eyelashes with fresh water.  This will help remove some of the salt water or chlorine from the eyelashes until you can cleanse your them properly.



Similar to swimming, rinse your eyelashes after working out especially if you are a heavy sweater.  Salt from your sweat can settle on the eyelash extensions and cause retention issues.


Soaking in the Sun

When enjoying your island getaway in the sun, wear sunglasses and hats.   Not only will they protect your eyes and skin from the harmful rays, but also shield your eyelashes from the intense heat. 

And of course, the less you do, they better they hold up.  So admire, but don’t touch too often.  A lot of times we have dirt and oil on our fingers that we are not even aware of that we transfer to our eyelash extensions.  So skip the urge to touch!



It's My Birthday!


I know it has been a while since you've heard from me, but I am back and ready to mingle!

I actually cannot believe that it will be a WHOLE year on June 6th since I opened Lashes by Tandi!

Seriously, where has the time gone?!

Running a business is a huge undertaking, but I have no regrets.  So to celebrate, I want to offer you something special.

During my Birthday Week, Tuesday, June 6th - Saturday, June 11th, I will be offering 10% OFF ALL SERVICES.  If you already have an appointment scheduled that week, just mention the 10% when you arrive.  

O, but it gets better :-)

For new clients and clients I haven't seen in a long while, book a Classic Dainty or Deluxe Set during my Birthday Week and receive a COMPLIMENTARY 60min. Classic Fill appointment ($85.00 Value) when booked within 2-3 weeks. (restrictions apply)*

BUT, there is a catch - This is only applicable for the first FIVE (5) Full Set Appointments booked.  I expect these 5 slots to fill up fast, so don't wait too long.  If you are number six, seven, etc. you will receive the 10% OFF.

And Finally...

The first lucky SEVEN (7) to book an Eyebrow Shaping between Tuesday, June 6th - Thursday, June 8th will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Eyebrow Tinting ($25.00 Value).**

Read up on the benefits of Eyebrow Tinting Here

Thanks again for riding out this year with me!  I look forward to another year delivering luxury services that enhance your look and well being!  Feel free to share this email with friends and Family. 


Reminder: Lashes by Tandi has an excellent referral program.  Earn $20.00 in Lash Cash for every client referral that receives a full set.  You can literally earn your way to a free lash fill.  So if you love my work, please share the love :-)

 *Lash Set + Complimentary Fill cannot be combined with any other offer nor does it qualify for 10%OFF.Complimentary Fill cannot be redeemed at the 4 week mark.
**Eyebrow Shaping + Complimentary Eyebrow Tinting service does not qualify for 10% OFF.

Mascara! To Do or Not To Do

Best Mascaras for Eyelash Extensions

Best Mascaras for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an investment that must be well taken care of.   Half the battle is getting them applied in the style that you like.  The other half is won in carrying out great after care at home by using the right products for your eyelash extensions.

Clients tend to get really excited once they get lashes.  Some clients will want to ramp up the volume with mascara regardless of how full and luscious their eyelash extensions are.  For volume lash clients (2-6 faux lashes to one natural lash), mascara is an absolute NO! NO! as it closes the volume fans causing them to clump together and ultimately ruining the lash set.  But for classic eyelash extensions wearers (one faux lash to one natural lash) there are a few allowances.

The mascara must be water-based and oil-free to be safe to wear on eyelash extensions.  Oil-free and water-based products won’t weaken the bond in the glue and cause premature lash fallout.  These products are also easy to remove resulting in better lash retention.  Waterproof products usually require a lot of scrubbing and rubbing to remove and that friction can pullout and damage your lashes. 

Be sure to read the ingredients or get a product referral from your lash artist.  Below is are a few “eyelash extension friendly “ mascaras to use on your lashes.

And remember, when applying mascara to eyelash extensions:

"Only apply water-based mascara from mid lash to tip, NEVER from root to tip.  Applying from root to tip applies too much tension on the base of the lash where the lashes are bonded and can pullout the lashes and/or disrupt the adhesive bond."

Max2 "Volume Up" Mascara

Max2 "Volume Up" Mascara

Noir Mascara

Noir Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (water-based)

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (water-based)

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara





Perfect Brows with Brow Tinting

Are you tired of filling in your brows?  Do you have fine hairs that are barely noticeable?  If so, brow tinting might be the answer to your problem.  Intensive Brow Tint is made from a vegetable dye that is safe for facial use.  During this quick treatment, the chosen color and developer are mixed together and applied to the brow hair.  As the mixture processes, the color is deposited resulting in a defined and sharpened look. 


Top 5 Benefits of Brow Tinting

1.     Say goodbye to your brow pencil - The tint will give the appearance of filled-in brows

2.     Tints the most stubborn gray & white hairs

3.     Adds depth and definition to sparse & light brows

4.     Lasts up to 3 weeks

5.     Works for all hair colors including blondes & red heads

If you are ready to chuck the brow pencil and brow powder, a professional brow tint might be the answer to your prayers.



Well Being Goals for 2017!

I wanted to share with you some of my New Years “Well Being” Goals.  As you know, I am all about quick and easy beauty tips so here are a few I hope to incorporate into my routine this year!  I hope you find some of them useful. 

Sleep Earlier – I’m the girl that gets re-energized at 1 am if I stay up too late….and then I kick myself in the morning when I look and feel tired.  To help, I will be setting a “wind down” alarm.  I will set it a half-hour before my bedtime to cue sleep mode.

Water– I plan to drink 16oz of water first thing in the morning.  To make this fool proof, I’ll set the bottle on my nightstand the night beforeso I have no excuse.  Even if I don’t get out of bed right away, it is just within arm's reach.

Scalp Massage – I LOVE getting my hair washed, but more importantly the scalp massage is cherry on top.  Scalp massages can instantly decrease stress and boost your mood.  I’ll be aiming for once or twice a week for 5-10 minutes.

Smile – In the mirror, at myself, every morning :-)

Express Gratitude – For life, health, sunshine, or whatever else I'm thankful for.  Focusing on the good weakens the impact of the bad. 

What are some your goals for 2017?



Taking Care of the Skin Under Your Eyes Will Make Your Lashes Look Even Better!!!!

Eye Skin Care

Stop rubbing your eyes!  If you are an eye rubber, stop now!   Rubbing your eyes stretches and damages the elasticity of the skin around the delicate eye area.  This habit results in premature aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Apply chilled cotton balls! Cucumbers are great for the eyes, but sometimes you just don’t have one laying around.  Don’t skip out on eye care because of it!  Dip cotton balls in ice water or chill over night and apply to your eyes for 5-10 minutes to refresh and reduce puffiness. 

Don't use face cream!  The skin under your eye is thinner and requires more TLC than the rest of your face.  Due to its delicate nature, your standard face cream may be too harsh so a separate targeted cream just for your eyes is recommended.    

Invest in a good eye cream!  The skin under the eye is so tender that we must protect and nourish it daily.  If you are low on sleep, get an eye cream like Burt’s Bees Radiant Eye Cream for normal and combination skin or Burt's Bees Intense Hydration  Eye Cream for dry skin to gently pat the stress away. 

"Prevention is easier than corrective treatment, don't wait until it's an issue"



Got Large Pores?


Large Pores are such a Pain!

I swear that they are the reason why the beauty filter was created!  If you have oily skin then you definitely know the struggle. 

I am all about effortless easy beauty so I wanted to share a few tips to reduce the appearance of your pores.

1. Cold Water - This is my favorite and easiest tip.  After cleansing and/or exfoliating, splash your face with cold water repeatedly for 15-20 counts.  The cold water helps in tightening your pores over time.  I know it seems silly, but I learned this trick from a Japanese friend with pore-less skin.   It really does work if you keep up with it. 

2. Apple Cider Vinegar - I use this sometimes as a toner as it is a natural astringent.  Mix equal amounts of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (this is a good one) and water and apply with a cotton ball.  For best results, use every night after you cleanse your face.  Follow with a light moisturizer. 

3. Baking Soda - This is great for removing excess oil, dirt and debris from your skin. It also helps balance the pH levels reducing problems like acne and pimples due to its antibacterial properties.  Mix two tablespoons each of baking soda and lukewarm water.   Apply the mixture on your skin and massage in circular motion for a few seconds.   Finally, rinse it off with cool water.  Repeat the process daily for five to seven days. Then reduce the frequency to three to five times a week for a few weeks.

I hope you found these tips helpful!