Say No! To Express Eyelash Extensions

Unless it’s a train or bus, I tend to avoid express services.  Why you ask?  Express services can be great if you need something quick, but when I hear 'express' I think of everything that I’ m NOT getting.  That can range from attention to detail to the elimination of perks.

A client of mine tried another lash artist and received an express eyelash extension set that took roughly 40 minutes.  Though I would love for my clients to stay with me forever, I do not dissuade them from trying other lash artists.  There are a lot of skilled artists and not so skilled artists and unfortunately some will meet the latter.

What happened in 40 minutes was enough to damage her natural lashes.  Hopefully, with the aid of a lash serum, the health of her natural lashes will be restored in about six months.

Here are a few tips to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you:

Ask to see the lashes:  Express lashes are usually done with flare or cluster lashes.  These lashes are meant for one day use with traditional lash glue found in your local beauty supply or drug store.  Unless you are getting a volume lash application, all lashes should be applied 1:1, that is one eyelash extension to one natural lash.  Anything more can be damaging to the natural lash.  Lash artists that are applying flare lashes with professional grade lash extension glue are guaranteeing damaged, weak lashes post application.  Now of course there are some allowances.  Some clients may want an express set for an event and nothing else and in this case, it is recommended to have such lashes removed within a week of the event to avoid long term damage. 

Flare/Cluster Lashes are not suitable for professional eyelash extension applications

Flare/Cluster Lashes are not suitable for professional eyelash extension applications


Ask how long does the service take:  A full set of eyelash extensions should take a minimum of one hour and thirty minutes.  In some cases it can take an hour depending on how many natural lashes the client has and the level of skill of the lash artist, but it is not the norm.   Also, most sets completed in an hour will not be full coverage.   If you have full lashes in under an hour, chances are corners were cut, such as improper isolation and lash placement.  My client said that the eyelash extensions came out with multiple natural lashes attached, which is proof of poor isolation.  She also said it took almost a month for glue residue to come off of her natural lashes.  A lot of people will incur further damage in an attempt to remove the lashes themselves.  Best bet is to schedule an appointment to have themsafely removed.

Feelings of Uncertainty or Lack of Confidence:  It is very important to trust your lash artist.  This person is using sharp tweezers around your eyes.  Sometimes we have a gut feeling about something and we ignore it.  Don't be afraid to ask someone to stop or let them know that you are uncomfortable during your service.  You might lose out on the investment if you paid ahead of time, but you probably saved yourself from having a bad experience.  A consultation is essential, especially for first time wearers and if you booked an express service, chances are you won't be given time to inquire and ask questions.  A consultation will also helps you gauge the knowledge of your lash artist.  Do not go into a lash service feeling unsettled, wait until you feel sure of all aspects of the service you will be receiving. 

Express eyelash extensions are appealing because they are cheaper than traditional eyelash extensions but you will get what you pay for.  Save yourself the trauma and invest in a reputable business and lash artist.  Book a consultation and ask a lot of questions.