You Need To Brush Your Eyelash Extensions Everyday and Here's Why!

Eyelash extensions are amazing time savers!  And as much as it saves you time on your daily routine, you still have to brush them everyday.

Brushing your eyelash extensions will:

Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Neat and Orderly – If you have crisscrossed natural lashes or sleep heavily on once side, brushing your lashes with a clean mascara wand will keep them from being tangled.  Like the hair on your head, if you don’t brush it often, the tangles will multiply and become harder to detangle.  With eyelash extensions, you can easily ruin your beautiful set of eyelash extensions by simply neglecting them.  Be aware that excessive tangles can also cause lash breakage over time so don’t skip it.

Separates Your Eyelash Extensions – After showers and cleansing your lashes, you will notice that your lashes my start to clump together because of the moisture. Air dry them or dab with a microfiber cloth first, then gently brushes the lashes to flush and separate.

Remove Eye Shadow – It is recommended to only use powder shadow, as it is easiest to remove.  Sometimes shadow dust will fall onto the lashes giving them a dull look.  You can dip your brush in a bit of water or oil free makeup remover/ cleanser to brush away the fallen dust and restore luster to your lashes.

Your lash artist should be supplying you with at least one mascara wand/spoolie before you leave, as they are essential to maintaining your lashes.  In addition, they should also instruct you on how to brush them gently as safely as it is not the same as applying mascara. 

This little habit will prolong the life of your eyelash extensions so Happy brushing!