Summer Tips to Keep your Eyelash Extensions in Great Shape!


Yay!  Summer is finally here!

And I want you to enjoy all your favorite activities without sacrificing your eyelash extensions.  You may notice that in warmer months you will feel the need to schedule refills more often.  There are many factors that will contribute to needing more fills such as changes to your lash cycle, being more active, and temperature increases, to name a few.  These factors you can'tcontrol, but below you will find a few extra tips to help combat all natural elements and preserve your eyelash extensions.



Yes!  Use sunscreen, just not on or near your eyelashes extensions.  Sunscreen will act similarly to oil and cause your eyelash extensions to fall out sooner.



Try to wear goggles when possible in seawater or a chlorinated pool.  After swimming, always rinse your eyes and eyelashes with fresh water.  This will help remove some of the salt water or chlorine from the eyelashes until you can cleanse your them properly.



Similar to swimming, rinse your eyelashes after working out especially if you are a heavy sweater.  Salt from your sweat can settle on the eyelash extensions and cause retention issues.


Soaking in the Sun

When enjoying your island getaway in the sun, wear sunglasses and hats.   Not only will they protect your eyes and skin from the harmful rays, but also shield your eyelashes from the intense heat. 

And of course, the less you do, they better they hold up.  So admire, but don’t touch too often.  A lot of times we have dirt and oil on our fingers that we are not even aware of that we transfer to our eyelash extensions.  So skip the urge to touch!