The Ultimate Lash Perk Nap While I Lash

Public Service Announcement

Getting Eyelash Extensions should not be painful!” I repeat,  “Getting Eyelash Extensions should not be painful!”

It saddens me that I have to say this.   But the truth is that many people think it’s supposed to be an uncomfortable service.  Yes, lying on your back for up to 2 hours may have you a lil achy, but your eye area should be completely trauma free.   What you should feel is your lash artist adjusting your head and light pressure on different areas of your face while they meticulously work their magic, but “ouch!” is a no no.  If that is an experience that you have had or heard about then I would avoid at all cost.    

When done correctly, the process of getting eyelash extensions is completely comfortable.

So comfortable in fact that many clients go to sleep.  The ‘Lash Nap’ is one of the most refreshing (physically and mentally) naps you can have.  During the eyelash extension process, your eyes must remain closed and it is best that you remain as still as possible.  If you are lucky, you will have a blanket and some soothing tunes to lull you off to sleep.   By the end of your service, you will wake up rested and with a new set or a restored set of eye candy to continue on with your day. 

I used to work in an open layout salon with about 7 lash beds lined up - talk about distractions galore.  People were constantly walking back and forth and having loud conversations resulting in the least relaxing environment ever.  Hearing all that hustle and bustle really takes away from the enjoyment of the service.   

I knew from that experience that I would have a private studio so that my clients could feel pampered in the way that they deserve.  No interruption, just peace is what you should expect during an eyelash extensions service.  In fact, I use lavender oil to help promote a calm tranquil environment for all my clients and only allow one client in the studio per service.

Don’t sell yourself short and settle for an experience that is both distracting and uncomfortable.  Seek out the best and enjoy it the fullest...your worth it.  



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