Lash extensions is now one of the fastest growing beauty services in the US.  As it is still considered a fairly new service, techniques are changing all the time to improve execution.  Some of these advancements tackle issues dealing with lash retention and maintaining healthier natural lashes while wearing extensions.  Accordingly, continuing education is a necessity to stay current and offer the best to our clients.  Below you will find credentials listed as a testament to my commitment to providing you with the best techniques, products, and services possible.


Advanced volume lash course

Russian Volume Lashes is the newest craze to hit the beauty industry and Lashes by Tandi trained with the best!  Loreta Jasilionyte, founder of Flawless Lashes by Loreta,  is a respected international Lash Trainer who is pioneering new techniques and teaching them in her education courses worldwide.  With seven volume techniques, her training is second to none and equips Lash Artists with the skills necessary to produce amazing work, and more importantly, happy clients.  Loreta has trained Lash Artists employed by some of the biggest names in the industry such Nova Lash and Minkys, and Lashes by Tandi is happy to join the list. 

Thandiwe Myke.png

International lash community member

Lessons in Lash Artistry is an accredited company that offers continuing education to Lash Artists.  It also provides access to a private lash community boasting some of the top Lash Artists in the world as members.  Through its resources,  Lashes by Tandi utilizes the experience and expertise of over 700 Lash Artists to overcome challenges, learn about new products, and simply connect and share with like-minded individuals who are serious about their craft.