Eyelash Extensions

Autumn Lash Shed is Here!


Yep it's that time of the year again.

Autumn lash shed is settling in and I'm here to tell you what that means exactly.

During the summer months, we produce more hair to protect our skin from the sun.  You may have noticed that your hair is fuller and grows in quicker in warmer temperatures.  If you color your hair, you will see that your roots appear to grow out fast as well.

This is all due to your bodies natural reaction to these seasonal changes.   Once the weather starts to change, the blood flow is redirected.  As the body responds and adjusts to the change in temperature, the superfluous hair that grew out in the warm months is no longer needed.  As a result, the dreaded 'Autumn Shed' commences. 

So what does this mean for my lovely lash wearers?

Understand that this is a completely natural occurrence.  Your lashes are not damaged or falling out due to trauma.  They are settling into a knew cycle for the season. 

But, due to the temporary excess shedding, you may need to book your fill appointments sooner.  So instead of every 3 weeks, schedule in 2 weeks.  Another option is to book a longer fill appointment to allow more time to fill a set that is thinner than usual.  

In addition, maintaining your natural lash health is my top priority, so I may use shorter or thinner eyelash extensions in an effort to not overload the new baby lashes growing in . 

The good news - Autumn Lash Shed is only temporary and lasts for about 6 weeks. 

In the meantime, continue to do good after care, drink water, take your vitamins and we will ride it out together.




Summer Tips to Keep your Eyelash Extensions in Great Shape!


Yay!  Summer is finally here!

And I want you to enjoy all your favorite activities without sacrificing your eyelash extensions.  You may notice that in warmer months you will feel the need to schedule refills more often.  There are many factors that will contribute to needing more fills such as changes to your lash cycle, being more active, and temperature increases, to name a few.  These factors you can'tcontrol, but below you will find a few extra tips to help combat all natural elements and preserve your eyelash extensions.



Yes!  Use sunscreen, just not on or near your eyelashes extensions.  Sunscreen will act similarly to oil and cause your eyelash extensions to fall out sooner.



Try to wear goggles when possible in seawater or a chlorinated pool.  After swimming, always rinse your eyes and eyelashes with fresh water.  This will help remove some of the salt water or chlorine from the eyelashes until you can cleanse your them properly.



Similar to swimming, rinse your eyelashes after working out especially if you are a heavy sweater.  Salt from your sweat can settle on the eyelash extensions and cause retention issues.


Soaking in the Sun

When enjoying your island getaway in the sun, wear sunglasses and hats.   Not only will they protect your eyes and skin from the harmful rays, but also shield your eyelashes from the intense heat. 

And of course, the less you do, they better they hold up.  So admire, but don’t touch too often.  A lot of times we have dirt and oil on our fingers that we are not even aware of that we transfer to our eyelash extensions.  So skip the urge to touch!



It's My Birthday!


I know it has been a while since you've heard from me, but I am back and ready to mingle!

I actually cannot believe that it will be a WHOLE year on June 6th since I opened Lashes by Tandi!

Seriously, where has the time gone?!

Running a business is a huge undertaking, but I have no regrets.  So to celebrate, I want to offer you something special.

During my Birthday Week, Tuesday, June 6th - Saturday, June 11th, I will be offering 10% OFF ALL SERVICES.  If you already have an appointment scheduled that week, just mention the 10% when you arrive.  

O, but it gets better :-)

For new clients and clients I haven't seen in a long while, book a Classic Dainty or Deluxe Set during my Birthday Week and receive a COMPLIMENTARY 60min. Classic Fill appointment ($85.00 Value) when booked within 2-3 weeks. (restrictions apply)*

BUT, there is a catch - This is only applicable for the first FIVE (5) Full Set Appointments booked.  I expect these 5 slots to fill up fast, so don't wait too long.  If you are number six, seven, etc. you will receive the 10% OFF.

And Finally...

The first lucky SEVEN (7) to book an Eyebrow Shaping between Tuesday, June 6th - Thursday, June 8th will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Eyebrow Tinting ($25.00 Value).**

Read up on the benefits of Eyebrow Tinting Here

Thanks again for riding out this year with me!  I look forward to another year delivering luxury services that enhance your look and well being!  Feel free to share this email with friends and Family. 


Reminder: Lashes by Tandi has an excellent referral program.  Earn $20.00 in Lash Cash for every client referral that receives a full set.  You can literally earn your way to a free lash fill.  So if you love my work, please share the love :-)

 *Lash Set + Complimentary Fill cannot be combined with any other offer nor does it qualify for 10%OFF.Complimentary Fill cannot be redeemed at the 4 week mark.
**Eyebrow Shaping + Complimentary Eyebrow Tinting service does not qualify for 10% OFF.

Eyelash Extensions and Isolation

A properly isolated natural lash ready for an eyelash extension to be applied.

A properly isolated natural lash ready for an eyelash extension to be applied.

One of the most important steps in the eyelash extensions process is proper isolation.

Lash artists use two tweezers – one to isolate the natural lashes and one to apply the eyelash extension to the natural lash. 

Isolation allows for the natural shedding process to take place – Every lash goes through a growth cycle and lashes that are stuck together cannot shed as they are intended to.  Lashes that are not properly isolated may be pulled out ahead of time thus damaging the hair follicle.  It could take months to recover, if at all.

Isolation ensures comfort while wearing eyelash extensions – When lashes are properly applied and isolated, you will not feel them.  Lashes that are stuck together may become uncomfortable over time.  You may feel a tugging or tightness on the lid and though it may not be painful, at the least, it will be annoying.  The stuck lashes may be in different growth cycles and the ones that are growing out or shedding may be pulling out the adjacent lash with it.  This can result in premature shedding and damage to the natural lashes.  

Isolation allows for control of the shape and design – I skilled lash artist will be able to manipulate the lash to create the desired design.  Not all natural lashes are uniform and straight so proper isolation helps to see clearly and control the direction of the lash when applying the eyelash extensions. 



Say No! To Express Eyelash Extensions

Unless it’s a train or bus, I tend to avoid express services.  Why you ask?  Express services can be great if you need something quick, but when I hear 'express' I think of everything that I’ m NOT getting.  That can range from attention to detail to the elimination of perks.

A client of mine tried another lash artist and received an express eyelash extension set that took roughly 40 minutes.  Though I would love for my clients to stay with me forever, I do not dissuade them from trying other lash artists.  There are a lot of skilled artists and not so skilled artists and unfortunately some will meet the latter.

What happened in 40 minutes was enough to damage her natural lashes.  Hopefully, with the aid of a lash serum, the health of her natural lashes will be restored in about six months.

Here are a few tips to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you:

Ask to see the lashes:  Express lashes are usually done with flare or cluster lashes.  These lashes are meant for one day use with traditional lash glue found in your local beauty supply or drug store.  Unless you are getting a volume lash application, all lashes should be applied 1:1, that is one eyelash extension to one natural lash.  Anything more can be damaging to the natural lash.  Lash artists that are applying flare lashes with professional grade lash extension glue are guaranteeing damaged, weak lashes post application.  Now of course there are some allowances.  Some clients may want an express set for an event and nothing else and in this case, it is recommended to have such lashes removed within a week of the event to avoid long term damage. 

Flare/Cluster Lashes are not suitable for professional eyelash extension applications

Flare/Cluster Lashes are not suitable for professional eyelash extension applications


Ask how long does the service take:  A full set of eyelash extensions should take a minimum of one hour and thirty minutes.  In some cases it can take an hour depending on how many natural lashes the client has and the level of skill of the lash artist, but it is not the norm.   Also, most sets completed in an hour will not be full coverage.   If you have full lashes in under an hour, chances are corners were cut, such as improper isolation and lash placement.  My client said that the eyelash extensions came out with multiple natural lashes attached, which is proof of poor isolation.  She also said it took almost a month for glue residue to come off of her natural lashes.  A lot of people will incur further damage in an attempt to remove the lashes themselves.  Best bet is to schedule an appointment to have themsafely removed.

Feelings of Uncertainty or Lack of Confidence:  It is very important to trust your lash artist.  This person is using sharp tweezers around your eyes.  Sometimes we have a gut feeling about something and we ignore it.  Don't be afraid to ask someone to stop or let them know that you are uncomfortable during your service.  You might lose out on the investment if you paid ahead of time, but you probably saved yourself from having a bad experience.  A consultation is essential, especially for first time wearers and if you booked an express service, chances are you won't be given time to inquire and ask questions.  A consultation will also helps you gauge the knowledge of your lash artist.  Do not go into a lash service feeling unsettled, wait until you feel sure of all aspects of the service you will be receiving. 

Express eyelash extensions are appealing because they are cheaper than traditional eyelash extensions but you will get what you pay for.  Save yourself the trauma and invest in a reputable business and lash artist.  Book a consultation and ask a lot of questions.



You Need To Brush Your Eyelash Extensions Everyday and Here's Why!

Eyelash extensions are amazing time savers!  And as much as it saves you time on your daily routine, you still have to brush them everyday.

Brushing your eyelash extensions will:

Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Neat and Orderly – If you have crisscrossed natural lashes or sleep heavily on once side, brushing your lashes with a clean mascara wand will keep them from being tangled.  Like the hair on your head, if you don’t brush it often, the tangles will multiply and become harder to detangle.  With eyelash extensions, you can easily ruin your beautiful set of eyelash extensions by simply neglecting them.  Be aware that excessive tangles can also cause lash breakage over time so don’t skip it.

Separates Your Eyelash Extensions – After showers and cleansing your lashes, you will notice that your lashes my start to clump together because of the moisture. Air dry them or dab with a microfiber cloth first, then gently brushes the lashes to flush and separate.

Remove Eye Shadow – It is recommended to only use powder shadow, as it is easiest to remove.  Sometimes shadow dust will fall onto the lashes giving them a dull look.  You can dip your brush in a bit of water or oil free makeup remover/ cleanser to brush away the fallen dust and restore luster to your lashes.

Your lash artist should be supplying you with at least one mascara wand/spoolie before you leave, as they are essential to maintaining your lashes.  In addition, they should also instruct you on how to brush them gently as safely as it is not the same as applying mascara. 

This little habit will prolong the life of your eyelash extensions so Happy brushing!




Ellipse Eyelash Extensions vs. Standard Eyelash Extensions

Ellipse, cashmere, flat lashes…whatever you want to call them - are one of the newest products to hit the lash industry.  Although they are still considered a “classic lash” there are a few key differences.

Ellipse (flat lashes) have a unique shape.  This shape is beneficial is many ways:

  • The bonding area is larger resulting in a very secure attachment that is great for lash retention
  • The weight is equivalent to standard lashes therefore safe for most natural lashes
  • They give the appearance of a fuller lash line even on less dense natural lashes
  • They easily replace heavy eyelash extensions that are known to cause damage to natural lashes, while giving a comparable dramatic look

Check out the videos below to see the difference.  I transitioned my client from the standard to the ellipse and she loved them.  Please note:  I currently only have glossy ellipse but will be getting the matte soon. 





Mascara! To Do or Not To Do

Best Mascaras for Eyelash Extensions

Best Mascaras for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an investment that must be well taken care of.   Half the battle is getting them applied in the style that you like.  The other half is won in carrying out great after care at home by using the right products for your eyelash extensions.

Clients tend to get really excited once they get lashes.  Some clients will want to ramp up the volume with mascara regardless of how full and luscious their eyelash extensions are.  For volume lash clients (2-6 faux lashes to one natural lash), mascara is an absolute NO! NO! as it closes the volume fans causing them to clump together and ultimately ruining the lash set.  But for classic eyelash extensions wearers (one faux lash to one natural lash) there are a few allowances.

The mascara must be water-based and oil-free to be safe to wear on eyelash extensions.  Oil-free and water-based products won’t weaken the bond in the glue and cause premature lash fallout.  These products are also easy to remove resulting in better lash retention.  Waterproof products usually require a lot of scrubbing and rubbing to remove and that friction can pullout and damage your lashes. 

Be sure to read the ingredients or get a product referral from your lash artist.  Below is are a few “eyelash extension friendly “ mascaras to use on your lashes.

And remember, when applying mascara to eyelash extensions:

"Only apply water-based mascara from mid lash to tip, NEVER from root to tip.  Applying from root to tip applies too much tension on the base of the lash where the lashes are bonded and can pullout the lashes and/or disrupt the adhesive bond."

Max2 "Volume Up" Mascara

Max2 "Volume Up" Mascara

Noir Mascara

Noir Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (water-based)

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (water-based)

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara





What You Need To Know About Real Mink Eyelash Extensions vs. Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

I have worked with real Siberian mink eyelash extensions in the past and though it is marketed as a high-end product, there are some details that potential clients should be aware of.  While they are super soft and thin, thus resulting in an extremely natural look, they fall short is their inability to hold their curl and create drama. 

There is also the issue of how real mink lashes are sourced.  Mink lash manufacturers claim that their methods are cruelty-free and that the hairs are gently brushed from the mink animal.  Unfortunately this is probably not the case.  In fact, very little information can be found about mink farms and many inquiries regarding the process have gone ignored.  So if you are against the fur industry, you will want to skip on this option. 

Fine & Wispy Real Mink Lashes

Fine & Wispy Real Mink Lashes

Consistent & Dense Faux Mink Lashes

Consistent & Dense Faux Mink Lashes

Most lash boutiques will offer faux mink or faux silk.  They are synthetic and usually made of a poly fiber material (PBT).  Unlike real hair, the synthetic material is predicable and more effective.  Faux lashes hold their curl very well yet still maintain a natural feel and appearance. 

At Lashes by Tandi, we offer faux mink eyelash extensions that are so light that you can barely feel them.  And for clients who want that super thin look, we choose a lash that is finer than the standard and mimics the look and feel of real hair. 

Please be aware of lash boutiques that claim to offer real mink lashes, but are applying faux mink instead.  Real mink is an expensive product so the service price is a bit higher than faux mink most times.  If real mink is what you want, make sure it is what you're getting by asking questions and seeing the product.  Do your research, stay informed, and ask a lot of questions before you get your eyelash extensions done.



Yes, You Should Get Lash Refills & Here is Why!

Stages of Lash Growth

Stages of Lash Growth

1.  Our Lashes Shed Daily

We lose anywhere from 2-5 lashes per day!  We don’t notice it, but it’s happening.  During different seasons, the shedding may be more or less, but it is a completely natural occurrence.  Due to this shedding, refills are needed to replenish the shed lashes so the set can be beautiful and full again.  

That is why refills are recommended every two - three weeks.  Some people have slower growth cycles and can push to three - four weeks, but it is not recommended as run the risk of having to pay for a full set instead of a refill if you lose too many lashes.


The average person has between 90 – 120 natural lashes per eye on the upper lid.  I aim to lash all of these lashes for the Deluxe Set and 75% of these lashes for the Dainty Set.

If each eye sheds approximately 2-5 lashes every day, the loss of extensions adds up pretty quickly the longer you wait for a refill.   

For the example example below, I averaged lash loss at 3 per day:

In 1 week you will lose 21 lashes

2 weeks 42 lashes

3 weeks 63 lashes

By week 4, a full set is probably needed, unless you have a slower lash cycle, but you would have lost 84 lashes in a 90-120 lash set.


2.  So Your Lashes Can Be in Fabulous Shape Consistently

When lashes shed, they do not shed evenly.  One eye might shed more than the other or a few in a group might shed together leaving a gap!  Most times it won't be terribly noticeable, especially if you stay within your natural length and style, but because the shedding can not be predicted or controlled, getting regular refills solves this problem.     


3.  So your Lash Artist can remove any outgrown lashes.

You will notice that your once sleek cat-eye look isn't looking so catty around the end of 2-3 weeks and this is because in addition to your lashes shedding, some have grown out - affecting the overall shape and of the look of your set.  During your refill appointment, outgrown lashes are gently removed as well and replaced with new lashes restoring your perfect feline flick!



If you choose to not get refills and prefer to do a full set once a month or whenever you feel, that is okay as well. You just need to take really good care of your lashes during that time.  


I hope you found this info helpful!!