Ellipse Eyelash Extensions vs. Standard Eyelash Extensions

Ellipse, cashmere, flat lashes…whatever you want to call them - are one of the newest products to hit the lash industry.  Although they are still considered a “classic lash” there are a few key differences.

Ellipse (flat lashes) have a unique shape.  This shape is beneficial is many ways:

  • The bonding area is larger resulting in a very secure attachment that is great for lash retention
  • The weight is equivalent to standard lashes therefore safe for most natural lashes
  • They give the appearance of a fuller lash line even on less dense natural lashes
  • They easily replace heavy eyelash extensions that are known to cause damage to natural lashes, while giving a comparable dramatic look

Check out the videos below to see the difference.  I transitioned my client from the standard to the ellipse and she loved them.  Please note:  I currently only have glossy ellipse but will be getting the matte soon.