Well Being Goals for 2017!

I wanted to share with you some of my New Years “Well Being” Goals.  As you know, I am all about quick and easy beauty tips so here are a few I hope to incorporate into my routine this year!  I hope you find some of them useful. 

Sleep Earlier – I’m the girl that gets re-energized at 1 am if I stay up too late….and then I kick myself in the morning when I look and feel tired.  To help, I will be setting a “wind down” alarm.  I will set it a half-hour before my bedtime to cue sleep mode.

Water– I plan to drink 16oz of water first thing in the morning.  To make this fool proof, I’ll set the bottle on my nightstand the night beforeso I have no excuse.  Even if I don’t get out of bed right away, it is just within arm's reach.

Scalp Massage – I LOVE getting my hair washed, but more importantly the scalp massage is cherry on top.  Scalp massages can instantly decrease stress and boost your mood.  I’ll be aiming for once or twice a week for 5-10 minutes.

Smile – In the mirror, at myself, every morning :-)

Express Gratitude – For life, health, sunshine, or whatever else I'm thankful for.  Focusing on the good weakens the impact of the bad. 

What are some your goals for 2017?