Which One is Better - Hard Wax or Soft Wax?

Pink Hard Wax

Pink Hard Wax

Before I started lashing full-time I worked as a waxing specialist in NYC for three years.  I spent a month in Singapore where I mastered their technique/product and fell in love with the ease and results of hard wax.  

Even though I prefer hard wax to soft wax, they both have their place in the waxing room.   Soft wax gets a bad reputation as being harsh and it can be, but with proper use it is just as effective.  The key is to know when and where to use each one.  Ideally, soft wax should only be used on large body parts that are not sensitive nor delicate.  Since soft wax is generally a cheaper product than hard wax, some businesses use it for every service thus ignoring the quality of the experience for its clients.  Lets face it, waxing is not an ouch less event, but there are many ways to make it less traumatic and choosing the right product is one way.

Now that I specialize in luxury lashes, I only offer waxing that compliment my lash services.  Those services include brow shaping, sideburns, lip, and chin waxing.  I use hard wax as it is ideal for facial waxing and is generally safe for most people.   Those with skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea will benefit from using hard wax as it much gentler on the skin.


Top 5 Pros of Hard Wax

1.  Less irritating.

2.  Thicker consistency, which offers better control and less oops!

3.  Works at a low temperature so burns are less likely to occur.

4.  Contains soothing oil which is great for drier skin types as it lubricates just enough to prevent unnecessary discomfort to the skin. 

5.  No paper or muslin is needed to remove hard wax as it hardens naturally and then the wax itself is used to remove the hair.


 So if you have waxed before and have had a bad experience that was not the result of an allergic reaction, try hard wax.  Also keep in mind the experience of your technician.  A lot of times it is not the product that is the issue, but the person using it incorrectly.