Yes, You Should Get Lash Refills & Here is Why!

Stages of Lash Growth

Stages of Lash Growth

1.  Our Lashes Shed Daily

We lose anywhere from 2-5 lashes per day!  We don’t notice it, but it’s happening.  During different seasons, the shedding may be more or less, but it is a completely natural occurrence.  Due to this shedding, refills are needed to replenish the shed lashes so the set can be beautiful and full again.  

That is why refills are recommended every two - three weeks.  Some people have slower growth cycles and can push to three - four weeks, but it is not recommended as run the risk of having to pay for a full set instead of a refill if you lose too many lashes.


The average person has between 90 – 120 natural lashes per eye on the upper lid.  I aim to lash all of these lashes for the Deluxe Set and 75% of these lashes for the Dainty Set.

If each eye sheds approximately 2-5 lashes every day, the loss of extensions adds up pretty quickly the longer you wait for a refill.   

For the example example below, I averaged lash loss at 3 per day:

In 1 week you will lose 21 lashes

2 weeks 42 lashes

3 weeks 63 lashes

By week 4, a full set is probably needed, unless you have a slower lash cycle, but you would have lost 84 lashes in a 90-120 lash set.


2.  So Your Lashes Can Be in Fabulous Shape Consistently

When lashes shed, they do not shed evenly.  One eye might shed more than the other or a few in a group might shed together leaving a gap!  Most times it won't be terribly noticeable, especially if you stay within your natural length and style, but because the shedding can not be predicted or controlled, getting regular refills solves this problem.     


3.  So your Lash Artist can remove any outgrown lashes.

You will notice that your once sleek cat-eye look isn't looking so catty around the end of 2-3 weeks and this is because in addition to your lashes shedding, some have grown out - affecting the overall shape and of the look of your set.  During your refill appointment, outgrown lashes are gently removed as well and replaced with new lashes restoring your perfect feline flick!



If you choose to not get refills and prefer to do a full set once a month or whenever you feel, that is okay as well. You just need to take really good care of your lashes during that time.  


I hope you found this info helpful!!